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So I want to be a paperback writer |

Beatles recs/requests

A comm for recommending and requesting Beatles fic
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Requests and recommendations of Beatles fic and art.
Beatles Recs & Requests

This community is exactly as it sounds; a place for posting both recommendations of good Beatles fic, to request a certain fic or just a broad plot idea, or even for posting plot bunnies for someone else to adopt.

Any sort of request/recommendation/plot bunny is acceptable (though please place any NC-17 material behind a cut), however the one rule that must be followed is to tag your post. If you find there isn't an appropriate tag and can think of one that should be added to the list, please note it in your post and I will add it to the community.

The tags list is linked to below (as well as the top of this page, naturally) and can be used both for seeing what tags are available, and to filter the posts for what you're interested in.

Above all, have fun, and try to participate if you can think of any fics to rec to request posts! The very nature of these types of comms is member-driven, after all.
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